[Bioc-devel] ggplot error Error in grid.Call.graphics

Samuel E Zimmerman sezimmer at einstein.yu.edu
Fri Sep 15 19:04:21 CEST 2017

Hi Everyone,

One of my colleagues is creating an R package to submit to bioconductor. In one of his functions he is creating a plot with ggplot2. I tested out the function for him and occasionally I get the error below. It happens sporadically using the exact same input as when it works normally. I have also encountered random errors like this in packages such as monocle and clusterProfiler. Does anyone know what may be the cause of this sporadic error? The version of ggplot2 I am running is "ggplot2_2.2.1".

Thank you very much.


Error in grid.Call.graphics(C_upviewport, as.integer(n)) :
cannot pop the top-level viewport ('grid' and 'graphics' output mixed?)

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