[Bioc-devel] TLS error in vignette on all devel builds

Vladimir Kiselev vladimir.yu.kiselev at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 11:40:54 CEST 2017


In my package's (scmap) vignette I plot a Sankey digram using gvisSankey
function from googleVis package. It used to work and the digram was
plotted, but now there is this error (on devel branch -

pandoc: Could not fetch
TlsExceptionHostPort (HandshakeFailed Error_EOF) "www.google.com" 443
Error: processing vignette 'scmap.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:
pandoc document conversion failed with error 67

I suppose it's some network issue, since Sankey diagram are plotted through
a web browser. I used to have the same problem on my laptop, but switching
from wired network to WiFi fixed the issue.

Any ideas on devel-build solutions? At the moment I switched the plotting
off by using eval=FALSE.

Many thanks,

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