[Bioc-devel] Unable to create a remote branch

Samuel Wieczorek samuel.wieczorek at cea.fr
Fri Sep 15 10:23:55 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I try to create a remote branch but it fails. The branch is named tes3. 
I used the following command :

 > git push origin tes3

and here is the error message I received :

Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
remote: FATAL: W refs/heads/tes3 packages/Prostar s.wieczorek DENIED by 
remote: error: hook declined to update refs/heads/tes3
To git.bioconductor.org:packages/Prostar.git
  ! [remote rejected] tes3 -> tes3 (hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to 
'git at git.bioconductor.org:packages/Prostar.git'

I know that it is not possible to create branches in upstream but here, 
I do not undertsand what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your help



*Samuel Wieczorek

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