[Bioc-devel] how to verify upstream git changes

Robert Castelo robert.castelo at upf.edu
Fri Sep 1 17:16:32 CEST 2017


i've had a smooth transition from SVN to git for all the software 
packages i maintain (thanks for the great documentation!!) and i have 
the following question.

i keep a local git repository for each of my software packages, hanging 
from my github account and this means that i have to push twice every 

git push origin master
git push upstream master

there maybe different circumstances in which this may not work smoothly 
including the very stupid one in which i forget to push the changes 
upstream. one may realize that once you see 24hrs later that the build 
report does not include the updated version. however, i'd like to know 
if there's some other way to double-check that the changes have been 
pushed upstream, and of course, something orthogonal to checking whether 
the command was written.

in the past i was subscribed to the RSS feed of the SVN changes, so i 
could easily check from my browser whether the changes were really 
committed. this was quite critical for me when working with the svn-git 
bridge, cherry picking changes, etc..

is there anything analogous to that SVN RSS feed with the current git 
setup at bioconductor?



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