[Bioc-devel] Do we have an unpacked archive for BioC, so that we can URL link to individual files ?

Neumann, Steffen sneumann at ipb-halle.de
Fri Nov 17 10:08:09 CET 2017


I would like to have a URL to individual files 
we have in BioC packages. This is useful 
e.g. if I need test data from, say, the msdata package,
in another context. 

In the SVN days, I was able to point directly 
into the SVN repo with readonly:readonly access. 
We also had the (now deprecated) way to link to:

-> Is there anything comparable today ?

It could be as simple as a directory tree 
of a working copies of all https://git.bioconductor.org/
served by the apache (or whatever) web server,
or (a bit cooler) a gitweb or similar http interface. 

Wouldn't that be a fantastic christmas present 
for us users and developers :-) ?



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