[Bioc-devel] openbabel 2.4.1

Kevin Horan kevinhoran at globalrecordings.net
Mon May 22 22:20:21 CEST 2017

The package ChemmineOB depends on the external library OpenBabel. There 
is now a new version of it, version 2.4.1. Could you please install this 
on all three operating systems (just for devel )? You can find general 
OpenBabel build instructions here 
<http://openbabel.org/wiki/Install_%28source_code%29>, and ChemmineOB 
specific instructions in the INSTALL file.
     On the mac, it should work with libc++ now (previously it only 
worked with libstdc++), so don't force it use libstd++ anymore (unless 
you have other reasons for doing so, in which case just let me know so I 
can adjust the make file). No special CMAKE flags should be necessary.



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