[Bioc-devel] questions about windows build execute permissions and R version dependency

Alicia Schep aschep at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 04:08:07 CET 2017


I have a two questions about the bioconductor build and BiocCheck process
when submitting packages.

1) My submitted package ('motifmatchr') returns the following warning on
the Windows computer:

Warning: file 'motifmatchr/cleanup' did not have execute permissions: corrected

How can this warning be averted?  How to give the file permission? I tried
fixing this issue by making the file executable on my computer-- on GitHub
it shows up as marked as "Executable File". This did not prevent the
warning though.

2) The same package also gives a warning in BiocCheck related to the
version of R required in DESCRIPTION.  As the package is currently hosted
on GitHub and tested against the current release of R using travis, I would
like the github version to have a dependency of only R 3.3 rather than R
3.4. Is it possible to have a different dependency for the R version on
GitHub versus on Bioconductor?

Appreciate any guidance on these question.  Thanks,


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