[Bioc-devel] pthread error with windows platform on tokay2

Jiaxing Lin, Ph.D. jiaxing.lin at duke.edu
Mon Dec 18 19:31:31 CET 2017


I have some problem with configuration of the pthread for the package I am building on the bioconductor tokay2 platform. Has someone else have work on this before.

Here is the detail of the problem:

I am building a package using Rcpp to wrap a C++ code, for the C++ code, I decided to use pthread to support for multiple threading. However, I got error on the bioconductor tokay2. Basicly, I have n subcomputation to be handled by m threads and each thread should handle n/m subcomputations. However, at this step it is wrong.  However, I was not able to reproduce the error on my local mechine and does not see error on the linux on mac versdion

Here is the link to the check output.


please see the "bcSeq.Rcheck/tests_i386/test_bcSeq.Rout" section for detail out put of the pthread.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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