[Bioc-devel] pushing from github to bioconductor, skipping local machine

Tyler Smith tyler at plantarum.ca
Mon Dec 4 18:50:57 CET 2017


I think I have set up proper access to the Bioconductor git repos, and
cloned the repos into a separate github repository. Bioconductor has my
ssh key, and I've also added this key to GitHub.

The only hitch in my development workflow is that my work network blocks
the SSH/git port, so I can't use the git protocol to access the
bioconductor repository. I can send my changes over https to github. Is
it possible to send changes from GitHub to Bioconductor directly? That
is, to instruct git to transfer from GitHub to Bioconductor without me
needing to send anything from my local machine direct to Bioconductor. 

All the help I turn up with Google shows how to send local -> github or
local -> upstream, I need github -> upstream.




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