[Bioc-devel] Invalid biocViews terms

Martin Morgan martin.morgan at roswellpark.org
Fri Sep 23 18:15:43 CEST 2016

Bioc Developers!

biocViews are an important way for users to navigate to your package. 
The following packages have incorrect biocViews terms. To update terms 
in your package, visit


check the 'Develoeprs: check this box...' and enter prospective terms in 
the 'Autocomplete biocViews search' box. Confirm that the term is  under 
the 'Software' hierarchy. Then update your package in the 'devel' 
branch, remembering to increment the version number (from x.y.z to x.y.z 
+ 1).

Terms need to match exactly. They are always CamelCase and never have a 
space or punctuation.

Best, Martin

ADaCGH2 CopyNumberVariants

ASSET Bioinformatics

BaseSpaceR ConnectTools, HighThroughputSequencing

BiGGR Pathway, Systems Biology

bioassayR Bioinformatics

cancerclass Cancer

ccrepe Bioinformatics, Statistics

CGEN MultipleComparisons

ChAMP CopyNumber

chipenrich Bioinformatics, Enrichment

chopsticks SNPsAndGeneticVariability

CNORfeeder Bioinformatics

CNORode Bioinformatics

CNVrd2 Clustering.

cummeRbund Bioinformatics, HighThroughputSequencing, 
HighThroughputSequencingData, MultipleComparisons, RNAseq, RNAseqData

exomePeak HighThroughputSequencing, Methylseq, RNAseq

flowDensity Bioinformatics, Cancer, DensityGating, FlowCytData, StemCells

flowPeaks Gating

GeneAnswers GraphsAndNetworks

globaltest Bioinformatics

iGC Biological Question

isobar Bioinformatics, MultipleComparisons

limma microRNAArray

lmdme Cancer

maSigPro Differential Expression, RNA-Seq

meshr Bioinformatics, MultipleComparisons, Statistics


mmnet GraphsAndNetwork

mosaics Bioinformatics, ChIPseq

MPFE HighThroughputSequencingData

nem Bioinformatics, GraphsAndNetworks

networkBMA GraphsAndNetwork

OmicCircos Statistics

plethy Infastructure, biocViews

puma HTA2.0

qcmetrics Bioinformatics, Visualisation

qvalue MultipleComparisons

Rchemcpp Bioinformatics

ReQON HighThroughputSequencing

RMassBank Bioinformatics

roar HighThroughputSequencing, RNAseq

ROntoTools GraphsAndNetworks, NetworkAnalysis

RTN NetworkAnalysis

SamSPECTRAL Cancer, HIV, StemCells

spliceSites RNAseq

sRAP RNAseq, Statistics

supraHex Bioinformatics

VariantFiltering HighThroughputSequencing

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