[Bioc-devel] platforms "some" on devel?

Ramon Diaz-Uriarte rdiaz02 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 08:09:24 CEST 2016

Hi Hervé,

Thanks for the clarification;  (what I was surprised about was that some say
"some" and others said "all", but never mind as things are now back to
their usual state).



On Thu, 22-09-2016, at 19:05, Hervé Pagès <hpages at fredhutch.org> wrote:
> Hi Ramon,
> The Mac builder morelia is slow and has not finished yet.
> Hopefully the badge situation is transient and the badges will
> automatically update after the build report gets re-generated
> later today with the results for Mac.
> Thanks for your patience,
> H.
> On 09/22/2016 09:37 AM, Ramon Diaz-Uriarte wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> At least some packages (e.g., ADaCGH2 or OncoSimulR ---two I maintain---,
>> but also a bunch of others), but not all packages, show "some" in the badge
>> for platforms, but the build report does not show explicit failure of the
>> package on Mac and it seems there has been no successful build on the Mac
>> for a couple of days
>> (http://bioconductor.org/checkResults/3.4/bioc-LATEST/index.html).
>> Best,
>> R.

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