[Bioc-devel] BioC 3.4: several package failures traceable to vsn req. R >= 3.4.0?

Ramon Diaz-Uriarte rdiaz02 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 08:49:15 CEST 2016

Thanks Hervé.


On Mon, 17-10-2016, at 11:32, Hervé Pagès <hpages at fredhutch.org> wrote:
> Hi Ramon,
> Yes the issue is known. The vsn maintainers have fixed the problem
> yesterday in svn, right before the builds started. All the failures
> due to vsn not installing on the build machines should be gone in
> today's report.
> Cheers,
> H.
> On 10/17/2016 01:34 AM, Ramon Diaz-Uriarte wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Several packages (at least ADaCGH2, snapCGH, tilingArray, cellHTS2) are now
>> (last 24 to 48 hours?) failing to build in BioC 3.4 in Linux (malbec1) and
>> Mac OSX (morelia). Looking at the error reports they seem to be due to vsn
>> not being available. Checking the vsn report
>> (http://bioconductor.org/checkResults/3.4/bioc-LATEST/vsn) it seems vsn
>> required R-3.4.0 at the time of the check. However, the new vsn on the svn
>> repo (v.3.41.8) has
>> Depends: R (>= 3.0.0), Biobase
>> So I guess we just need to wait for vsn to be rebuilt? I would normally
>> just wait quietly, but I am concerned because I think the creation of the
>> BioC 3.4 release branch is today and release is tomorrow.
>> Best and apologies for the noise if this issue is known,
>> R.

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