[Bioc-devel] Automatic build failure notifications

Schymanski, Emma Emma.Schymanski at eawag.ch
Tue Oct 11 08:22:21 CEST 2016

Hi Herve, Markus, all,

It would really be great if these automatic notifications would be on again -

and if this would happen for devel and release. After my last email Dan T.

suggested I sign up for the RSS feed - I followed the instructions but even

there I seem only to get an old feed of the release build report - which for us is

a different error [one that is relates to Java ... and has been going on for ages]

Manually checking the builds every days is a pain when we know we are

waiting for a fix - if there would be a way to automate devel build reports

(maybe an opt in so those that don't want the traffic don't go crazy), that

would be great. I'm sure there'd be quite a few of us that would really

appreciate that! We'd have found our error much quicker that way...

I would vote for daily in the run up to the release, if doable. A number of

us seem to still have some need for this ;)



>> We would also

>> appreciate it to have the e-mail system for failed builds / checks back

>> online :-)

>Just to clarify, in the past we've only activated the automatic build

>failure notifications for the release version of Bioconductor (except

>for the current release i.e. BioC 3.3, for which we forgot).


>Our plan was to activate them for BioC 3.4 after it's released.

>But we could do it now if nobody objects. We usually run the script

>once a week as a cron job but we could change this to run it 2 or

>3 times/week until the release (which is in 8 days from now), and

>then go back to once a week after the release.




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