[Bioc-devel] Question about sumbition process and biocviews

Martin Morgan martin.morgan at roswellpark.org
Mon Nov 7 13:24:22 CET 2016

On 11/07/2016 05:26 AM, Ioannis Vardaxis wrote:
> Hi,
> I was Rechecking the  package folder and not the built version. Now it
> works, thanks.
> The warning I get for the references is the following:
> Warning in parse_Rd(manpage) :
> /var/folders/6n/6y8cjthx4sb0hk5k5w8q3lw40000gn/T//RtmpNOtV3V/MACPET/man/sum
> mary.Rd:78: unknown macro '\insertRef'

you'll have to provide more detail here about what you're doing and 
where the warning is being generated. \insertRef is not part of base R 
so I guess it's from some package you're using. You say biocCheck but 
maybe you mean BiocCheck. BiocCheck performs a number of checks so of 
course it would help to know the specific check that causes the warning. 
It would also help to have a simple reproducible example or at least a 
simple help page that fully illustrates the use that you are trying for.



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