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Mon Nov 7 07:12:56 CET 2016

Hi Dario,
I am the maintainer of chimera package
thank for the info I am going to check which is the problem in 
There is only one example of data import, because of limits in package size.
An other example can be retrieved from:
"Chimeric.out.junction.zip", mode="wb")

I check the example:
tmp <- importFusionData("fusionmap", 
sep=""), org="hg19")
and it seems to import correctly the fusionmap data.

Same  happens with:
"Chimeric.out.junction.zip", mode="wb")
tmp <- importFusionData("star", "Chimeric.out.junction", org="hg19", 

Could please send me the code you have run and could you please describe 
the issue you encountered?

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> Good day,
> The examples section of importFusionData is almost entirely commented out, so it's unclear whether it works. Since a lot of the package code is never run by R CMD check and the test coverage is 0%, it's plausibly a package development issue.
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