[Bioc-devel] Issues with citations?

Joseph Nathaniel Paulson jpaulson at jimmy.harvard.edu
Thu May 19 21:10:02 CEST 2016

Hi there,

I wasn't sure if there is something wrong with the citation markup on devel
pages. i.e.

The website is not grabbing the actual version citation("pandaR") nor the
CITATION file in the inst folder of the package.


Bioconductor version: Development (3.4)

Runs PANDA, an algorithm for discovering novel network structure by
combining information from multiple complementary data sources.

Author: Dan Schlauch, Joseph N. Paulson, Albert Young, John Quackenbush,
Kimberly Glass

Maintainer: Joseph N. Paulson <jpaulson at jimmy.harvard.edu>, Dan Schlauch
<dschlauch at fas.harvard.edu>

Citation (from within R, enter citation("pandaR")):

Schlauch D, Young A and Paulson JN (2016). *pandaR: PANDA Algorithm*. R
package version 1.5.0.

	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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