[Bioc-devel] question regarding man pages

Krithika Bhuvaneshwar kb472 at georgetown.edu
Tue Mar 1 23:44:17 CET 2016


We are working on our first  Bioconductor package and have a question
regarding man pages for helper functions

We have several .R files which are all helper functions.

1)  I am using RStudio for package development, and it creates .Rd
files for all my .R files including helper files.
Do the helper .R files need man pages (i.e. .Rd files) ? IF NOT, can
you tell me how to prevent RStudio from creating these files ?

2) If the answer to the above question is YES, then:
I'm not sure how to come up with working examples for the man pages in
these helper files. They are called in the middle of my code, and it
would be hard to provide an example for all these helper functions.
Any advise or tips for this ?
Besides, Since these helper functions are not "Exported" in the
Namespace, the end user will not see these helper functions. So are
examples necessary ?


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