[Bioc-devel] bioconductor/metabolomics Docker image available

Steffen Neumann sneumann at ipb-halle.de
Wed Jul 27 14:02:22 CEST 2016

Hi Dan and BioC community!

I now cleaned up my Bioconductor/bioc_docker 
and opened a pull request to add a Metabolomics 
Bioconductor [1].

This works on our Jenkins installation, where I regularly 
build the devel_metabolomics [2] and release [3] images.

The image for the previous devel version (BioC-3.3) does build, 
but the image for the old release version (BioC-3.2) does not, 
due to the mzR issue on new gcc we talked about a few months ago.

If you want, I can send a second pull request 
and modify bioc_docker/config.yml to use the current 
versions 3.3 for release, and 3.4 for devel.

A more general question, what is the current docker strategy 
for Bioconductor. Are they build/tested on a regular basis ?
Are failure reported to package maintainers, or should they ? 
Should the docker images be part of the regular checkResults report ?


[1] https://github.com/Bioconductor/bioc_docker/pull/4
[2] http://phenomenal-h2020.eu/jenkins/job/bioc_docker_devel_metabolomics/
[3] http://phenomenal-h2020.eu/jenkins/job/bioc_docker_release_metabolomics

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