[Bioc-devel] Classes to be supported by ggraph

Thomas Lin Pedersen thomasp85 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 12:20:27 CET 2016

I’m in the process of developing ggraph (https://github.com/thomasp85/ggraph) - An extensive plotting framework for graph/tree/network data based on ggplot2. Currently the class support is focused on igraph and dendrogram, but the idea is to extend it with support for additional graph representations in R. The easy way to do this is through conversion to one of the two currently supported classes, but I would like to hear from the developers and users of especially the graph package, whether there are any downsides to this approach, i.e. are there features/information captured by the graphNEL class that would disappear with conversion to an igraph object.

Also if someone is working with, or developing other graph representations and would like to see support in ggraph, please let me know…


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