[Bioc-devel] KEGG REST issue

Luo Weijun luo_weijun at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 23 18:44:13 CEST 2015

Dear BioC team,
I noticed some problem with keggLink() function of KEGGREST package, and it can be traced back to KEGG REST API Linked entries. Some of this API function is broken. For example, the following line used to get all gene-pathway mapping for human, but retrieves nothing now.
path.hsa= KEGGREST::keggLink("pathway", "hsa")

In fact, these two bulk queries with the rest api don’t work anymore. 
but smaller queries on Linked entries seem to be fine. not sure whether other REST API functions are affected or not. As a consequence, KEGGREST and many dependent packages had build error.

anway, just want you know about this, see if you can do anything on this.

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