[Bioc-devel] CRAN package with Bioconductor dependencies

Gordon Brown Gordon.Brown at cruk.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 4 23:12:40 CET 2015


> > Hi, Bioc-devel folks,
> >
> > Is there an accepted way to migrate a package from CRAN to BioC?
> >  CRAN's policy says, "The package�s license must give the right for
> > CRAN to distribute the package in perpetuity."...
> >
> > Is it enough to request that CRAN archive the package, then submit it
> > as a new package to BioC?  I own a CRAN package (msarc) that
> > probably should have been in BioC from the start, but isn't.
> >  Suggestions?

> I can't speak to the CRAN policy side of things, but several packages have migrated from CRAN to Bioconductor.
> At a minimum, you need to make sure that the version in Bioconductor is higher than the version in CRAN, but you should also definitely ask CRAN to archive the package. The way Bioconductor works, your package will first be available only in the devel version, but will then become available in the release version after our next release. Currently we're scheduled to release 3.1 on April 17 and the deadline for package submissions for this release is March 27.
> Dan

Thanks, Dan.   I'll check with the CRAN folks to see what they say, and pass along anything significant regarding policy etc.  It's not a crisis if there's a lag between getting it archived at CRAN and into the release version of Bioconductor.


 - Gord

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