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Yu, Guangchuang gcyu at connect.hku.hk
Wed Jun 17 14:04:04 CEST 2015

Dear Dan,

I update my package GOSemSim(https://github.com/GuangchuangYu/GOSemSim),
with the following steps:

1. delete the git-svn-bridge
1. bash /path/to/update_remotes.sh
2. git checkout devel
3.   git checkout master
4. git merge devel

All was fine without any error.

But when I follow the instruction to test a commit to svn.

   1. Each time you want to push git commits to svn:
      1. git checkout devel to switch to the devel branch. (use release-X.X
      for release branches)
      2. git svn rebase to get the latest SVN changes.
      3. git merge master --no-edit to merge your changes from the master
      branch or skip this step and work directly on the current branch.
      4. git svn rebase && git svn dcommit --add-author-from to sync and
      commit your changes to svn. You may be prompted here for your
SVN username
      and password.

➜  GOSemSim git:(master) git checkout devel
Switched to branch 'devel'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'bioc/master'.
➜  GOSemSim git:(devel) git svn rebase
Migrating from a git-svn v1 layout...
Data from a previous version of git-svn exists, but
    (required for this version (2.4.1) of git-svn) does not exist.
Done migrating from a git-svn v1 layout
r35719 = 714adc6875914b83b673bcf93f6eac976676388d
r36178 = 199736e1f199d80a16121c0dca7e4aac015140bc
r104302 = b7770b576acd1439d7e01a5115866fe6bb84d2d7
r104400 = a3ff1e7a3efd09b0c0a760f2d4053331ee8039d2
Done rebuilding
Current branch devel is up to date.

  GOSemSim git:(devel) git merge master --no-edit
Updating a3ff1e7..5b9b679
➜  GOSemSim git:(devel) git svn rebase && git svn dcommit --add-author-from
Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

It throw the above error. Any idea?

Guangchuang Yu, PhD Candidate
State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases
School of Public Health
The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR, China
www: http://ygc.name

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