[Bioc-devel] Need help for C++ R connector

Setia Pramana setia.pramana at ki.se
Tue Jan 27 03:00:42 CET 2015

Dear All,

We have planed to use R as our back-end for our c++ application using qt and qtcreator. In order to connect it with R, we considered for using Rinside and Rcpp  as our connector. (Rinside&Rcpp are developed by Dirk Eddelbuettel).

Even though we succeed running the project under linux, we faced problem in running it under windows. We already asked the developer and we also have been searching at another resources, they told that our problem is probably because of the compiler, that we use compiler on qt (mingw 4.9) which is different with the compiler that R used.
We've tried to use the same version of mingw that R used, the mingw provided in rtools folder (mingw 4.6) on qt (qt 5.4). Unfortunately, it crashed and we stuck with the problem till now. We can't solve the problem yet. Due to our problem, we will be thankful if you can help us in order to solve the problem and run the project under windows.
Look forward to your kind response.

n.b : we attached our simple project (rinsideproject), which is successfully run under linux. We use R 3.1.2, qt 5.4 (with provided mingw from qt: mingw 4.9) and rtools 3.2

Best regards,
Setia Pramana,

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