[Bioc-devel] ClassifyR Fails to Build on Windows

Dan Tenenbaum dtenenba at fredhutch.org
Fri Jan 16 03:16:41 CET 2015

There is no shared memory on windows so you need to make sure you require() any necessary packages on each node. 


On January 15, 2015 5:00:22 PM PST, Dario Strbenac <dstr7320 at uni.sydney.edu.au> wrote:
>The development version of ClassifyR won't build on Windows. It happens
>for a code section in the vignette that executes a function that has a
>bpmapply loop. However, I'm using the default parameters by calling
>bpparam(), so it should work on Windows. The code in the vignette
>executes without problems for Linux and Mac OS. Is there a flaw in the
>development version of BiocParallel ?
>Dario Strbenac
>PhD Student
>University of Sydney
>Camperdown NSW 2050
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