[Bioc-devel] show method for CompressedVRangesList-class

Robert Castelo robert.castelo at upf.edu
Tue Feb 24 18:53:33 CET 2015


i'm using the CompressedVRangesList class in VariantFiltering to hold 
variants and their annotations across multiple samples and found that 
there was no show method for this class (unless i'm missing the right 
import here) so i made one within VariantFiltering by copying&pasting 
from other similar classes:

setMethod("show", signature(object="CompressedVRangesList"),
           function(object) {
             lo <- length(object)
             cat(classNameForDisplay(object), " of length ", lo, "\n",
                 sep = "")
             if (!is.null(names(object)))
               cat(BiocGenerics:::labeledLine("names", names(object)))

i guess, however, that the right home for this would be 
VariantAnnotation. let me know if you consider adding it there (or 
somewhere else) and i'll remove it from VariantFiltering.



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