[Bioc-devel] function name clash between TFBSTools and graphics

Elena Grassi grassi.e at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 14:52:20 CET 2015


I've just submitted a package and I'm trying to address the last
issues thanks to the automated building system (if it's inappropriate
to ask here before hearing from the reviewer please ignore this mail
and excuse me!).

I am still getting BUILD BIN warnings:

>From what I can see the problem is:
Warning: replacing previous import by 'graphics::plot' when loading 'seqLogo'

I'm doing:
importFrom(TFBSTools, PFMatrix, PFMatrixList)
I've also tried with importClassesFrom(TFBSTools, PFMatrix, PFMatrixList) with
the same results (at least on my BUILD bin, I'm sorry to have
submitted the package before solving this issue but I did not know
that it would have issued a build WARNING).

As long as seqLogo is a method available for PFMatrix I don't know how
to solve the issue.
graphics is brought in by...? I think that the original seqLogo method
by the seqLogo package
is imported by TFBSTools itself.

(I'm also wondering why in the daily build system for TFBSTools the
warning appears but it is
not listed as WARNINGS: is it a difference in the reporting system or
I am completely off the scent of the real issue here? :) )

Thank you very much,
$ pom

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