[Bioc-devel] Masked version of BSgenome.Hsapiens.NCBI.GRCh38?

Ulrich Bodenhofer bodenhofer at bioinf.jku.at
Fri Feb 6 15:13:02 CET 2015


The latest human genome build GRCh38 has been around in Bioconductor for 
some while (package BSgenome.Hsapiens.NCBI.GRCh38). As far as I can 
tell, however, there is currently no package that provides easy access 
to masked/unmasked regions in the genome (like there is a .masked 
version that wraps BSgenome objects into MaskedBSgenome objects for many 
other genomes, e.g. there is BSgenome.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg19.masked for 
hg19). Here is my question: does anybody have plans to include  a 
package BSgenome.Hsapiens.NCBI.GRCh38.masked (or under a different name) 
into Bioconductor 3.1? At least I could not find anything in the current 
development branch.

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