[Bioc-devel] 'semantically rich' subsetting of SummarizedExperiments

Cook, Malcolm MEC at stowers.org
Mon Sep 22 16:17:14 CEST 2014


 >shows some modifications to [ that allow subsetting of SE by
 >gene or pathway name

Without reading the code, do you intend that SE[i,j]  will , if i is provided as vector of string, will subset those rows where the name of the GRanges == i?

>it may be premature to work at the [ level.  Kasper suggested defining
 >a suite of subsetBy operations that would accomplish this

Reminder of a little background to where we are now,  with warnings of lurking dragons:


 >i think we could get something along these lines into the release without
 >too much more work.  votes?
Abstaining for now. 

Thanks - the topic is dear to me too.

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