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Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Sat Jan 11 21:11:47 CET 2014

Comments inline below. Two bugs and a feature request would seem to be steps in 
the right direction, but repeat previous ideas that seem not to have gained 
traction / appropriate notice.

bug 1. showMethods apparently ignores the default value for 'where'


bug 2. getGeneric("c") has an argument 'x' (no longer necessary?) that 
interferes with concentration of named S4 instances (illustrated below). I think 
this has been reported to R-devel before, but I couldn't find the thread...

feature request 1. unify S3 and S4 method discovery. I think Martin Maechler has 
expressed interest in this in the past.

On 01/11/2014 06:39 AM, Michael Lawrence wrote:
> Hi,
> Defining S3 methods for our data types is obviously useful, because it
> helps them work with code that only sees the S3 generic. We should
> encourage the definition of S3 methods whenever there is an existing
> generic. Given that, some questions:
> Is it still worth it to define the corresponding S4 method? Now that S3

I think the 'best practices' are laid out in the ?Methods documentation under 
'Methods for S3 Generic Functions' which suggests (and provides justification 
for) writing both S3 and S4 methods.

> dispatch accounts for S4 inheritance, I'm not sure there is a functional
> difference. Obviously, it would be nice if there were one interface for
> discovering methods. Right now, we're split between
> selectMethod()/showMethods() and methods().

This really does seem unfortunate and not impossible to correct, but the current 
reality is that discovering / seeking help requires facility with both S3 and S4 
approaches; I believe Martin Maechler solicited comments about this on the 
R-devel mailing list several years ago, so there is some hope for progress. 
Providing users with consistent guidance is helpful. For showMethods this 
includes using where=search() when the command is invoked. For help I find 
method?"coerc<tab>" or ?"coer<tab>" to be helpful. I don't know how well Rstudio 
plays with this, though.

> In particular, there are many setAs() calls where "to" is an S3 class. For
> many of the basic classes, the methods package already defines a coerce
> method that delegates to the as.X S3 generic. So those definitions are
> redundant. For example:
>> showMethods(coerce, classes="list")
> Function: coerce (package methods)
> from="ANY", to="list"
> from="CompressedAtomicList", to="list"
> from="Hits", to="list"
> from="List", to="list"
> from="Rle", to="list"
> Those four methods are unneeded if there is an as.list method. I've noticed
> that there is no coerce,ANY,data.frame so perhaps that could be added to
> BiocGenerics or requested of the methods package?

I think that the need for both S3 and S4 methods are covered by the ?Methods 
documentation mentioned above?

> Finally, the "c" function. There's no need for an S3 method here, since "c"
> is a primitive. But there are notes in IRanges-class.R about how the S4
> generic for "c" does not correctly account for inheritance when the
> arguments are named. This is probably a bug in the methods package. But it
> does seem that the S3 generic for 'c' correctly dispatches (on its first
> argument) regardless of whether the arguments are named. The only downside
> is that it does not enforce that all arguments in '...' are of the same
> type.

The challenge with names and 'c' is that it can disrupt order of the concatenation

 > c(IRanges(1, 2), IRanges(2, 3))
IRanges of length 2
     start end width
[1]     1   2     2
[2]     2   3     2
 > c(a=IRanges(1, 2), IRanges(2, 3))
IRanges of length 2
     start end width
[1]     2   3     2
[2]     1   2     2
 > base::c(a=IRanges(1, 2), IRanges(2, 3))
IRanges of length 2
     start end width
[1]     2   3     2
[2]     1   2     2

Martin Morgan

> Michael
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