[Bioc-devel] recalling methods

Michael Love michaelisaiahlove at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 18:56:45 CET 2014

I was thinking about a request from someone at Bioc2014 (I can't
remember at the moment)

As an end-user, if I have an object x, how can I *quickly* recall the
main methods for that? As in, without breaking my flow and going to
?myClass or help("myClass-class"). Suppose x is a GRanges, how can I
remember that there is a method called narrow() which works on x?

showMethods(classes=class(x)) will print out a huge list for many
complex Bioc classes. And printTo=FALSE turns this huge list into an
unhelpful character vector, e.g.:

[1] ""                                    "Function \".asSpace\":"
  [3] " <not an S4 generic function>"       ""
  [5] "Function \".linkToCachedObject<-\":" " <not an S4 generic function>"
  [7] ""                                    "Function \".replaceSEW\":"

any ideas?

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