[Bioc-devel] R and Bioconductor versions for the forthcoming release

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Mon Sep 16 21:53:52 CEST 2013

Bioconductor developers:

The Bioc release schedule is available


A reminder that version 2.13 of Bioconductor will be released on October 15, and 
will work with R-3.0.2. Package authors should be testing the Bioc 'devel' 
version of their package with R-3.0.2 pre-release.

R-3.0.2 is scheduled for release on September 25. The lack of synchrony between 
R and Bioc releases introduces a wrinkle. Users of R-3.0.2 (including the 
pre-release, which became available earlier today) using install.packages() 
(rather than the recommended biocLite()) will be directed toward Bioconductor 
2.13 packages, so will be getting a preview of the Bioconductor release 
scheduled for October 15.

Unfortunately, the scheduling requirements of our own release cycle (including 
building annotation packages and providing fair warning for new package 
contributors) did not allow us to move the Bioconductor release forward. The 
chosen solution seemed least disruptive of the available options.

R-3.0.2 allows for an environment variable to influence the version of 
Bioconductor in use, from the R NEWS file:

     • The default ‘version’ of Bioconductor for its packages has been
       changed to the upcoming 2.13, but this can be set by the
       environment variable R_BIOC_VERSION, e.g.  in file Renviron.site.

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