[Bioc-devel] Data Package Size Issues (.idat and .rda)

Nicolas De Jay nicolas.dejay at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Nov 7 21:58:41 CET 2013


I am preparing a data package and using the minfiData package as a
reference.  The .idat files in extdata and the .rda file in data are
both present in both the compressed tarball source and the installed
copy directory (in my case, under ~/R/x86-64.../3.0/minfiData).  Isn't
this redundant?  Is there a way to have the prospective user only
download the .rda files?

Sorry if my question is misguided and thanks in advance for your help.

Nicolas De Jay
M.Sc. Student
Department of Human Genetics
Montreal Children's Hospital Research Institute, McGill University Health Centre
4060 Ste Catherine West, PT-239
Montreal, QC H3Z2Z3, Canada
T: (514) 412-4440 | E: nicolas.dejay at mail.mcgill.ca

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