[Bioc-devel] the character to collapse the geneNames when using the disjointExons function with aggregateGenes=TRUE

Nicolas Delhomme delhomme at embl.de
Wed Jul 31 15:29:09 CEST 2013

Hej Val, I believe that one is for you :-)

When using the aggregateGenes=TRUE parameter of the disjointExons function, the gene names are separated by a "+" character. Is there a particular reason for that? The reason I'm asking is that in the "transcripts" column the transcripts ID are separated by a semi-column and I was wondering if the "separator" could not be unified - i.e. using semi-colon for both the geneNames and transcripts column. Here a visual example of what I mean:

GRanges with 1 range and 4 metadata columns:
      seqnames             ranges strand |
         <Rle>          <IRanges>  <Rle> |
  [1]    Chr03 [4541747, 4541782]      - |
  [1] Potri.003G035500+Potri.003G035600+Potri.003G035700
  [1] PAC:26999771;PAC:26999331;PAC:26999330;PAC:26999332;PAC:26999333
      exonic_part_number      exonID
               <integer> <character>
  [1]                  1        E001
           Chr01         Chr02         Chr03 ...   scaffold_99  scaffold_991
              NA            NA            NA ...            NA            NA

What do you say?



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 [9] LC_ADDRESS=C               LC_TELEPHONE=C            

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[8] base     

other attached packages:
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 [4] GenomicFeatures_1.13.21 AnnotationDbi_1.23.18   Biobase_2.21.6         
 [7] GenomicRanges_1.13.35   XVector_0.1.0           IRanges_1.19.19        
[10] BiocGenerics_0.7.3      BiocInstaller_1.11.4   

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
 [1] biomaRt_2.17.2     bitops_1.0-5       BSgenome_1.29.1    DBI_0.2-7         
 [5] hwriter_1.3        RCurl_1.95-4.1     RSQLite_0.11.4     rtracklayer_1.21.9
 [9] statmod_1.4.17     stats4_3.0.1       stringr_0.6.2      tools_3.0.1       
[13] XML_3.98-1.1       zlibbioc_1.7.0

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