[Bioc-devel] Conflict between BiocStyle and the verbatim package

Nicolas Delhomme nicolas.delhomme at umu.se
Tue Dec 3 21:30:43 CET 2013

Hej Martin!

I’d like to have multi-line comments in my vignette and the easiest way I know is to use the “comment” environment from the verbatim package - i.e. \begin{comment}…\end{comment}. However, when I do this, i.e. load the verbatim package after having “sourced” the BiocStyle package, generating the pdf just fails without any error message. 

Here’s a tiny .Rnw example of how to reproduce the error:

% Bioc style
<<style, eval=TRUE, echo=FALSE, results=tex>>=
Some text
some comments not to be seen by the user
Some more text

The generated pdf stops after the text “Some text”. I tried to track it down, but I’m out of my depth in latex style file. Do you have any idea what is happening? And do you have any suggestion of how I could go around this other than using % on every comment line?



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