[Bioc-devel] GenomicRanges: Storing 'seqlengths' as numeric

Julian Gehring julian.gehring at embl.de
Tue Dec 3 11:29:41 CET 2013


Some of the chromosomes out in the world are fairly large (e.g. wheat 
chr 3B with > 995 Mbp [1]).  Currently, the 'seqlengths' of the 
reference sequence are stored as 'integers' which do not allow to store 
lengths of this size.  Are there any plans of switching to 'doubles' or 
64-bit integers for the 'seqlengths' slot?  Or extending the slot such 
that a user can store it either as integer or floating-point number?

Best wishes

[1] http://www.sciencemag.org/content/322/5898/101

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