[Bioc-devel] Package Build RSS feeds now available

Dan Tenenbaum dtenenba at fhcrc.org
Wed Aug 7 00:25:48 CEST 2013


We've received requests for more customizable notification to package
maintainers (and other interested parties) when a package has build

So we are now generating and updating RSS feeds which report all build
issues (errors, warnings, timeouts) with a package in both release and

Package maintainers are encouraged to subscribe to the feeds for the
package(s) they maintain.

The feeds are updated after every build (daily about 10:30 AM Seattle
time) if the build has issues. If a package had no issues, its feed
will not be updated.

Each package has its own RSS URL which takes the form:


Replace PACKAGENAME with the name of your package.

You can also arrange for RSS feeds to be emailed to you.

Please see this web page for more information:



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