[Bioc-devel] warning in package staRank

Siebourg Juliane juliane.siebourg at bsse.ethz.ch
Mon Sep 24 14:56:20 CEST 2012


I get the following warning reported from the daily bioconductor build for the package 'staRank':

warning: found methods to import for function ‘as.list’ but not the generic itself

It comes up during R CMD check, however I cannot locate the source for the warning. I suspect though, it comes through one of the dependencies of the package ('cellHTS2', which has the same warning reported).
If I do not remove the warning will the package not be included in the next Bioconductor release?
And if so, is the only way then to get rid of such a warning, to remove the dependency?

Juliane Siebourg

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