[Bioc-devel] Check warning: Undocumented code objects:, ‘summary’

rcaloger raffaele.calogero at unito.it
Fri Feb 3 10:36:06 CET 2012

I am the maintainer of oneChannelGUI, I am getting a strange warning 
from the devel version of the package:
Undocumented code objects:
As far as I could understand it seems that a function called summary was 
never described in as man page.
However, I check for the presence of "summary" function in my package 
and I have never defined it.
I use summary methods from GOstats, siggenes DyDoc, and IRanges.

I am expecting that this problem depend on the configuration of NAMESPACE

Therefore I modified NAME adding explicitly all packages from which I am 
importing summary:

oneChannelGUI NAMESPACE is the following:

importMethodsFrom(GOstats, summary)
importMethodsFrom(siggenes, summary)
importMethodsFrom(DynDoc, summary)
importMethodsFrom(IRanges, sapply, as.data.frame, summary)

#  All functions exported other than those starting with "."
exportMethods(summary, sapply, as.data.frame)

However, the warning remains.

Could somebody help me in understanding this warning?


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