[Bioc-devel] Developing flowFit: an open-source alternative to ModFit LT.

Davide Rambaldi davide.rambaldi at ieo.eu
Wed Dec 5 11:48:46 CET 2012

Sorry for multiple mails (I changed my work email, not sure if the original mail was sent.)

Hi all, 

I am developing a package to estimate proliferation in cell-tracking dye studies, an open-source alternative to ModFit LT. 

The library depends on flowCore and flowViz and is based on a levenberg-marquardt algorithm (library: minpack.lm).

Now, I am planning to add an interactive method to select the parent population (the user should manually select/move a line representing the parent population in a plot).

Something like this:

For this "interactive part" I want to use this flow:

1. check if there is iFlow: if iFlow is here, use it to make the interactive selection of parent population

2. check if there is Rstudio: if RStudio is there use the manipulate methods to select the parent population from plot

3. No iFLow, No RStudio: use locator/identify on the plot.

So the questions are:

* IFlow is maintained and under active development? 

* It is possible to add a function/extension to iFlow to manually move a line in a plot and get the corresponding position on the FACS scale?

Best Regards


Davide Rambaldi, Bioinformatics PhD.
IEO ~ MolMed
[e] davide.rambaldi at ieo.eu
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