[Bioc-devel] SummarizedExperiments

Kasper Daniel Hansen kasperdanielhansen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 03:46:42 CEST 2012

There is a lot of good stuff to say about SummarizedExperiments, and
from a certain point of view I have a parallel implementation in bsseq
(and there is also one in genoset).

However, I really like having the assayData inside an environment.
This helps some on memory and - equally important - speed at the
command line.  I certainly need to very heavily consider using an
environment in bsseq.

After some discussion with Tim (Triche) we have agreed that something
like SummarizedExperiments is the way to go at least for the
methylation arrays.  We need to be able to easily handle 1000s of

What is the chance that we can get the option of having the assayData
inside an environment, perhaps by
  Making a class that is an environment and inherits from SimpleList.
  Using a classUnion between the existing class of the assayData and
an environment.
  Third option that is probably better than the proceeding two, but
which I cannot come up with right now.

This would - in my opinion - be very nice and worthwhile.


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