[Bioc-devel] GSVA/configure.ac problem

Robert Castelo robert.castelo at upf.edu
Mon Nov 14 18:49:43 CET 2011

Hi Dan,

> I can't say exactly where we got the GSL on our build machines. We
> must have downloaded it at some point and I'm trying to find that
> download, but so far without luck. I believe that we downloaded a
> pre-compiled version of GSL for windows.
> I can tell you that the version of GSL we are running on our windows
> build machines is 1.13.
> I don't think we copied libgsl.dll to libgsl-0.dll. In fact, in our
> distribution of the GSL there is no libgsl.dll, only libgsl-0.dll, and
> you can see by looking at the build reports that GSVA, GLAD, and other
> packages using the GSL are building fine.
> There are a couple of other things you need to do:
> 1) Set an environment variable called LIB_GSL that points to the root
> of your GSL installation (on our build machines, C:/GSL (note forward
> slash).
> 2) Make sure c:\GSL\i386\bin and c:\GSL\x64\bin are in your PATH.
> Hope this helps,
> Dan

from what you say here about the directory structure and the LIB_GSL
environment variable i think you probably do not have the GSL
installation from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gsl.htm but
from Cygwin at http://cygwin.com which does preserve the GSL versioning
scale from the unix platform.

i've observed that after the small change at the configure.ac file
(replacing the version requirement of 1.6 by 1.12) the devel version
compiles and builds in the windows machine in Seattle without problems,
so i'll push this change to the release and update the README file to
point out that under windows if the user has Cygwin, he/she needs to set
LIB_GSL to the root of the GSL installation and add the corresponding
C:/GSL/architecture/bin to the PATH, while if the user has
gnuwin32.sourceforge.net installation needs to do the above trick of
duplicating the file.


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