[Bioc-devel] resolving warnings...

Stefano Berri S.Berri at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Mar 4 15:23:18 CET 2011

> Hope that helps,
> Martin

A looot!!!!

Thank you!

Still one thing not clear:

>> Creating a new generic function for "summary" in "CNAnorm"
>> Creating a new generic function for "as.data.frame" in "CNAnorm"
> These messages occur once per package, probably your package is called
> CNAnorm. It means that you have written a method, e.g.,
> setMethod("summary", ...) without first promoting the plain function
> 'summary' to a generic, either with setGeneric("summary" <...>) or by
> importing an appropriate generic or methods from a package that your
> class depends on, e.g., by adding the package to DESCRIPTION Imports:
> and NAMESPACE importFrom.

So I added setGeneric("summary" ...) but now get this message

Creating a generic for "summary" in package "CNAnorm"
    (the supplied definition differs from and overrides the implicit generic
    in package "base": Classes: "nonstandardGenericFunction",

The reason why I didn't set a Generic in the first place, is because there
is a "summary" definition in package "base" and, as far as I know, base is
imported automatically. Similarly, I do not have a generic for "length" but
have a length method and it does not give me problems...

Shall I import package base explicitly? or the function "summary"?

Thanks a lot.


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