[Bioc-devel] Incorrect EBImage_3.6.0.zip URL for Windows 64-bit binary online?

Henrik Bengtsson hb at biostat.ucsf.edu
Tue Nov 16 07:10:28 CET 2010

According to


the EBImage package is available for download as this:

Package Downloads:
Package source	EBImage_3.6.0.tar.gz
Windows 32-bit binary	EBImage_3.6.0.zip
Windows 64-bit binary	EBImage_3.6.0.zip
MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) binary	Not Available

However, if you download the EBImage_3.6.0.zip file for Windows 64-bit
binary, it is for i386 (and not 'arch=x64').  Should that URL be

Note that biocLite("EBImage") correctly reports the package as not
being available.


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