[Bioc-devel] Two Bioconductor Job Opportunities in Seattle

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Fri Jun 4 13:29:03 CEST 2010

List members --

We're looking to add two new faces to the Bioconductor team here in
Seattle; job descriptions are pasted below. For more information, visit
the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center job site


and search for positions SAP II/III (Web Programmer) 23129, SAP II/III
(R Programmer) 23133.

Please pass this announcement on to others!



*** Job ads / status

The Bioconductor project (http://bioconductor.org) seeks two
individuals to join our software development team. Bioconductor is
prominent in the development and distribution of open-source software
for analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genetic data,
including microarray, annotation, flow cytometry, and sequence
data. Bioconductor is based on the R language for statistical
analysis, and consists of more than 350 software packages developed
internally and by a vibrant user community. Successful applicants will
work in the core Bioconductor team, with strong interactions between
team members and the broader user and developer community.

**** Position One: Systems Analyst / Programmer II-III (Web Development)

The first position is to support and develop Bioconductor's web
infrastructure. Initial responsibilities include supporting
internet-based Bioconductor packages, modernization of the
Bioconductor web site, management of software distribution
repositories, and development and management of the Bioconductor user
and developer communities. Additional responsibilities include
exploratory development of web- or cloud-based facilities for R /
Bioconductor analysis.

Required qualifications include:

- 2 or more years of experience with Linux, Apache, SQL or comparable
  open source web components.

- 2 or more years experience with ruby, javascript, or other scripting
  languages common in web development environments.

- Strong written and verbal communication skills.

- Bachelor's degree or comparable experience in computer science,
  statistics, bioinformatics, or related disciplines.

Recommended qualifications include:

- Familiarity with web-based bioinformatic resources, such as genome
  browsers, NCBI, and EMBL.

- Familiarity with general statistical methodologies.

**** Position Two: Systems Analyst / Programmer II-III (R Programmer)

The second position is to support development of Bioconductor software
packages. The position will involve development of R / Bioconductor
packages for analysis of high-throughput sequence data, including
algorithm development and implementation and creative solutions to
large volume data management challenges.

Required qualifications include:

- 2 or more years experience with programming languages, for example
  C, python, ruby, matlab, R.

- Experience with software development best practices appropriate for
  small teams, for instance use of version control, unit tests, agile
  project management, and creation of end-user documentation.

- Familiarity with statistical concepts and methods.

- Bachelor's degree or comparable experience in computer science,
  statistics, bioinformatics, or related disciplines.

Recommended qualifications include:

- Experience with high-volume genetic data, such as from
  next-generation sequence pipelines

- Experience with SQL data bases, or netCDF / HDF5 file formats

- Familiarity with bioinformatic work flows, especially related to
  sequence analysis.

Martin Morgan
Computational Biology / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1100 Fairview Ave. N.
PO Box 19024 Seattle, WA 98109

Location: Arnold Building M1 B861
Phone: (206) 667-2793

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