[Bioc-devel] Rscript on Bioconductor test servers

Henning Redestig henning.red at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 7 01:36:55 CET 2010

Just a conclusion to this matter, a Makevars script with

PKG_CPPFLAGS = $(shell $(R_HOME)/bin/R --slave -e 'Rcpp:::CxxFlags()')
PKG_LIBS = $(shell $(R_HOME)/bin/R --slave -e 'Rcpp:::LdFlags()')

and a Makevars.win with

PKG_CPPFLAGS = $(shell $(R_HOME)/bin/Rterm.exe --slave -e 'Rcpp:::CxxFlags()')
PKG_LIBS = $(shell $(R_HOME)/bin/Rterm.exe --slave -e 'Rcpp:::LdFlags()')

successfully sets the compiling flags for using Rcpp.


/Henning Redestig

Metabolomics Research Group | RIKEN Plant Science Center

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