[Bioc-devel] User-Specified Parameter to Package

Jeff Allen lists at jdadesign.net
Mon Dec 20 17:24:25 CET 2010


I'm looking to create an R package which requires a user-specific 
parameter in order to work. To be more descriptive: I'm making a 
database API available via an R package, but I want to control access to 
this API by using keys so that I can monitor activity at the user-level 
and make sure no one is abusing the database. So the R package is 
complete, but I need a way for users to specify their key so that it can 
be included in each call to the API. I'm looking for a way to avoid 
having the include the API key in every function call, but instead be 
able to include the key when you first attach the package.

The functionality I'm looking for would essentially be to be able to 
pass a parameter to a package through the library call. That doesn't 
seem to be possible, so I'm looking for alternatives that would be 

I'd appreciate any thoughts!

Best regards,

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