[Bioc-devel] Need help on biomaRt

Julie Zhu julie.zhu at umassmed.edu
Thu May 28 20:32:38 CEST 2009


With the help from Herve, we found out that the devel version of biomaRt is
broken with the new Rcurl version 095-1. This is confirmed by the build

As you can see, it's broken on Linux and Mac OS. It looks OK
on the Window build machine because this machine is using an
older version of RCurl (0.94-1).

I am in the process of submitting a contributed package that relies on
biomaRt and my package won't be passed to the reviewers until biomaRt is
fixed. Could someone please fix the devel version of biomaRt? Thanks a lot
for your kind help!

Best regards,


Julie Zhu, Ph.D
Research Assistant Professor
Program Gene Function and Expression
University of Massachusetts Medical School
364 Plantation Street, Room 613
Worcester, MA 01605

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