[Bioc-devel] class union with AffyBatch

audrey audrey at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Oct 9 12:58:22 CEST 2008

Hi all,

In my package, I am trying to set a class union the following way:
setClassUnion("OneColour", c("ExpressionSet", "AffyBatch"))

In the NAMESPACE if I write the following:
importClassesFrom("Biobase", "ExpressionSet")
importClassesFrom("Biobase", "AffyBatch")

When I build the package I have this error message
Error: package 'affy' does not have a name space
Execution halted

If I remove the importClassesFrom("Biobase", "AffyBatch") from my 
NAMESPACE, I have this warning:
Warning in .findOrCopyClass(class1, classDef, where, "superClass") :
  Class "AffyBatch" is defined (with package slot "affy") but no 
metadata object found to revise superClass information---not exported?  
Making a copy in package "arrayQualityMetrics"

In the dependencies in the DESCRIPTION, I do depend on the package 
"affy". This is using R2.8 and affy_1.19.0.

Any idea on how I could solve that? Is it possible to import a class 
from a package that does not have a namespace?


Audrey Kauffmann
Cambridge UK

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