[Bioc-devel] rbind for ExpressionSet objects?

Martin Morgan mtmorgan at fhcrc.org
Sat Apr 5 02:21:51 CEST 2008

Thanks for the suggestion and examples.

I implemented this in Biobase 1.99.5. It is slightly different from the 
version in the beadarraySNP package, in that the content of overlapping 
regions of the exprs arrays have to be identical (beadarraySNP allows 
NAs in the second matrix).

The functionality I implemented is consistent with the following tests 
(hopefully self-explanatory).

     obj <- sample.ExpressionSet

     checkEquals(obj, combine(obj[1:250,], obj[251:500,]))
     checkEquals(obj, combine(obj[,1:13], obj[,14:26]))
     ## overlapping
     checkEquals(obj, combine(obj[1:300,], obj[250:500,]))
     checkEquals(obj, combine(obj[,1:20], obj[,15:26]))

The implementation introduces a combine method for matricies, which is 
consistent with these tests:

     ## dimnames
     m <- matrix(1:20, nrow=5, dimnames=list(LETTERS[1:5], letters[1:4]))
     checkEquals(m, combine(m, m))
     checkEquals(m, combine(m[1:3,], m[4:5,]))
     checkEquals(m, combine(m[,1:3], m[,4, drop=FALSE]))
     ## overlap
     checkEquals(m, combine(m[1:3,], m[3:5,]))
     checkEquals(m, combine(m[,1:3], m[,3:4]))
     checkEquals(matrix(c(1:3, NA, NA, 6:8, NA, NA,
                          11:15, NA, NA, 18, NA, NA),
                        dimnames=list(LETTERS[1:5], letters[1:4])),
                 combine(m[1:3,1:3], m[3:5, 3:4]))
     ## row reordering
     checkEquals(m[c(1,3,5,2,4),], combine(m[c(1,3,5),], m[c(2,4),]))
     ## Exceptions
     checkException(combine(m, matrix(0, nrow=5, ncol=4)),
                    silent=TRUE)         # types differ
     checkException(combine(m, matrix(0L, nrow=5, ncol=4)),
                    silent=TRUE)         # attributes differ
     m1 <- matrix(1:20, nrow=5)
     checkException(combine(m, m1), silent=TRUE) # dimnames required

Please let me know if you had something else in mind, or if there are 
problems with this.


Laurent Gautier wrote:
> That would be useful.
> I have been in a situation where it would have been useful, and spent some time
> with combine as well before writing my own ad-hoc solution.
> Laurent
> 2008/4/4, Gordon K Smyth <smyth at wehi.edu.au>:
>> An rbind() method or an rbind-like function for ExpressionSet objects
>>  would be useful.  Any plans for such a function?
>>  At the moment, an ExpressionSet object can be subsetted by rows or
>>  columns.  Column subsets can be put back together using combine(), but
>>  there's no way I think to put row subsets back together.
>>  BTW, the help page for the generic function combine() includes the idea of
>>  combining by rows, but this concept is not honoured by the combine method
>>  for the eSet class.
>>  Cheers
>>  Gordon
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