[Bioc-devel] size limit of a string or a BLOB

Simon Lin simonlin at duke.edu
Sat Sep 29 07:13:08 CEST 2007

I have got the following error message when using RSQLite. So, what is 
the size limit of a string? and what is the limit of the BLOB (by 
defination, I assume it shoud be in the TB range at least)? Thanks! -Simon

# trying to insert a DNA sequence of about 500MB into a table

 > query01<-dbSendQuery(connect, statement = paste ("
+     insert into dna values ('", seq0, "')", sep="")
+ )

Error in sqliteExecStatement(conn, statement, ...) :
  RS-DBI driver: (error in statement: String or BLOB exceeded size limit)

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